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The Scheme of PetroFed Oil & Gas Awards 2012

Open to all companies operating in the Oil & Gas sector in India for performance during 2011 - 12 Financial Year


PetroFed Oil & Gas Awards

About PetroFed

PetroFed is a federation of oil & gas sector associated companies formed with the objective of promoting interests of petroleum industry and to function as a facilitator for the oil and gas industry in India. 

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PetroFed Oil & Gas Awards

PetroFed has institutionalised awards in recognition of contribution made by corporates and individuals in the Indian Oil & Gas industry, to quantify the efforts in creating leadership in their respective categories. 

The PetroFed Oil and Gas Awards have been created to recognise and celebrate the leaders, innovators and pioneers in the oil and gas industry. The objective of the PetroFed Oil & Gas Awards is to celebrate the industry's most outstanding achievements.

PetroFed will select among applicants and reward those companies and individuals who have demonstrated an unparalleled ability to succeed, continually set standards of excellence, and who will be or are the stars of the industry.

All companies operating in India, including those who are not members of PetroFed, are eligible to apply. 

Awards Design Process

PwC, knowledge partner and member company of PetroFed, undertook designing of parameters & weightages for respective award category. This was deliberated and approved by the Awards Committee.


PwC will analyse and tabulate applications and put them up to the Awards Committee. The Awards Committee will submit their recommendations to the Jury.

PetroFed is not involved at any stage in either determining the companies put forward on the shortlist or in judging the final winner – this is left to the impartial Jury, selected for their reputation and knowledge.

The decision of the Jury for selection of a particular awardee will be final and binding and cannot be appealed in any court of law.

About Knowledge Partner - PricewaterhouseCoopers Pvt Ltd

PwC is a leading service provider in the Oil & Gas sector and has significant experience in institutionalising awards. PwC has institutionalised ‘Building Public trust award’ to reward the best corporate reporting in the FTSE 350 and the Public Sector. PwC has also assisted Petroleum Economist in the development of the methodology for short listing companies to be considered by the judges for ‘Transparency in Corporate Reporting’ Award.

The role of PwC is to design parameters & weightages for the respective award category. PwC will also analyse and tabulate applications and submit to the Awards Committee for recommendations.

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee for PetroFed Oil & Gas Awards comprises:

  • Chairman - Dr Prodipto Ghosh, Distinguished Fellow, TERI, former Secretary to the Government of India
  • Member - Shri B C Bora, former Chairman & Managing Director, Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Limited
  • Member - Shri M.B. Lal, former CMD, HPCL & former Member(Technical) PNG in the Appellate Tribunal.
  • Member - Shri P K Agarwal, Director, Human Resources Division & Senior Fellow, TERI & former Director (Marketing) & Director (Human Resources), Indian Oil Corporation Limited
  • Member – Shri U K Dikshit, Director (Programmes), SCOPE and former Executive Director (Human Resources), Indian Oil Corporation Limited

The role of the Awards Committee is to review and finalise parameters & weightages for the respective award category designed by PwC.

The Awards Committee will also review evaluation report prepared by PwC and submit their recommendations to the Jury.

The Jury

The Jury for PetroFed Oil & Gas Awards comprises:

  • Chairman – Hon’ble Mr Justice M N Venkatachaliah, former Chief Justice of India
  • Member –Shri Naresh Narad, former Chairman, Public Enterprises Selection Board, former Secretary to the Government of India
  • Member – Dr. Anil Kakodkar, Chairman, National Solar Energy Corporation of India & former chairman, Atomic Energy Commission of India and Secretary to the Government of India.

The Jury reviews the recommendations of the Awards Committee and selects the winner for each category.

PetroFed Oil & Gas Awards categories

Individual & Team Category

  1. Innovator of the Year – Individual (cash award of ` 200,000)
  2. Innovator of the year – Team (cash award of ` 500,000 or atleast ` 50,000 for each key team member)
  3. Woman Executive of the year (cash award of ` 100,000)
Click on categories to download entry forms

Corporate Awards

  1. Leading Oil & Gas Corporate of the Year
  2. Exploration & Production – Company of the Year
  3. Refinery of the Year
  4. Oil & Gas Pipeline Transportation – Company of the Year
  5. Oil & Gas Marketing – Company of the Year
  6. Project Management (` 500 - 2000 crore ) – Company of the Year
  7. Project Management (above ` 2000 crore ) – Company of the Year
  8. Human Resources Management – Company of the Year
  9. Drilling services company of the year
  10. Environmental Sustainability: Company of the year
 Click on categories to download entry forms.

General rules of the awards process to be followed by applicants


All applicants/nominees must have significant involvement in the oil & gas sector.

The awards are open to companies for their operations in India irrespective of place of registration, unless specifically mentioned otherwise.

Eligibility criteria for each award are specifically mentioned in respective award description.

All agencies associated with the process of evaluation of awards, including the knowledge partner of PetroFed are not eligible to apply for the awards.

Application process

All applications/nominations must be submitted using the prescribed application forms.

Information is to be provided for the year under review of the award or earlier  years as specified. The Year of award is financial year between  1st  April to 31st  March e.g. the year of award for PetroFed Awards 2012 is Financial Year 2011-12.

Application/nomination in multiple categories are encouraged, however each application must be completed separately.  Application/nomination for each category shall be treated as independent of other application(s) for qualification. 

For the purpose of evaluation, information furnished in the application would only be considered. Applicants are requested to attach copy of annual report of their company pertaining to the period as mentioned in the application form except for awards for individuals.

No material/documents received shall be returned to the applicant.

All application/nominations must mention name of the person(s) who will be accepting the award if the applicant/nominee is chosen as the winner.

Additional supporting materials may include marketing videos, brochures, advertisements, photographs and other documents. Supporting material is optional. Please send the duly signed and stamped applications and all supporting materials via email, post/courier within the notified last date to:

Name of award applied for
C/O Director General
Petroleum Federation of India
PHD House
3rd Floor, 4/2, Siri Institutional Area
August Kranti Marg
New Delhi – 110 016 E-Mail:

The application  and supporting materials sent by post or courier should be accompanied by a soft copy (in CD) also.

The application approving authority should be of the rank of the Head of the Department (HoD), Director, CEO, Chairman.

In certain awards, a limit on the maximum numbers of entries from each company has been specified. In case the number of entries from any company are more than the specified maximum number, all applications from that company may be  sent back to its HoD, Director, CEO, Chairman (as required) to resubmit as prescribed.

Application/nomination and supporting materials must be received no later than November 20, 2012. No extensions to this date will be granted and incomplete entries will not be considered.


PetroFed and associated agencies would be obliged not to share any information provided by applicants and/or the evaluation criterion with any agencies or individuals other than those involved or engaged by PetroFed like knowledge partner providing support to PetroFed, its Awards Committee members and the Jury.

Applicants are requested to specifically identify in the applications, any confidential information they have furnished for due treatment by PetroFed and agencies or individuals associated with the evaluation of the awards . All other information received will be treated as fit for dissemination as needed by PetroFed for its activities.


Each award description includes the “minimum number of entries”.  Each award needs to necessarily receive those minimum specified number of entries for further evaluation. In case the minimum number of entries is not received for that award by the cut-off time, PetroFed reserves the right for not evaluating and awarding that award category.

The decision of the Jury for selection of a particular awardee will be final and binding and can not be appealed in any court of law.

Applicants are advised to limit the description within the word limit specified against each qualitative parameter.

PetroFed Awards Ceremony

The winners will be awarded trophies and citations at an appropriate function.

For further information, please contact:

Mr S.L. Das Mr Y. Sahai
Director (BD&C) Director (Communication & Marketing)
Petroleum Federation of India Petroleum Federation of India
E Mail: E Mail:
Tele: +91 (11) 26537062, 2653 7483 Tele: +91 (11) 26537069, 2653 7483
Mobile: 09810160060 Mobile: 09810273926
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Mr S. S. Ramgarhia

Director (Policy & Planning)  
Petroleum Federation of India  
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Tel.: 011- 26535216/ 2653 7483>  
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